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Pregnant Doll Needed To Curtail
Misinformation and Fear

Thanks for publishing the article on Wal-Mart removing the pregnant doll Midge (see article in Dec. 25/26 The Bloom Report).

I was very surprised that Wal-Mart will not allow children to have choices and a chance to understand reality. A pregnant doll is exactly what is needed to curtail misinformation and fear. Most parents want children to learn the truth and understand nature, be well informed and educated. Those parents who want to play "Let's Pretend" can buy any doll. Why remove dolls that assist parents who want to provide reality and help them teach their children by providing honesty.

It's amazing with all of the educational materials that are available that we are still pretending that babies just appear like "magic". Children benefit from toys that are real and support their understanding of the world around them. There are many times when toy stores must back manufacturers and say to customers"You have choices. So do we."

I heard that a video display of Cabbage Patch babies were removed following a few fanatics that criticized the appearance of a new Cabbage Patch baby. There was nothing graphic being presented. Why should criticism that prevents normal and positive information to be available not be fully supported by retailers?

The other customers deserve more. It's more than being a "wimp" (editor Bloom's terminology), its being insensitive to 95% of the customers who want more. Choice is essential. Let's rethink the issues involved. I bet Wal-Mart does not remove violent video games or other implementations of negative behavior. Is there not a choice being made?

Thanks to The Bloom Report, for printing all the news thats fit to print...and more.

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy

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