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Greenwood Studios

Horace Hopper's Musical Adventures

  • Active
  • Audio
  • Educational Skills
  • Musical

Price: $39.99

Ages: 3 - 5

Phone: 888-291-4174

This three CD set encourages children to play the keyboard. It is a great way for children to learn about music. They learn to play the keyboard, and they enjoy listening to the sound effects created by Horace Hopper, producer of children’s TV shows. Each adventure has a different graphic. Insects show the hand positions on the keyboard. The program helps children to develop their knowledge of musical symbols, music and drama, different ways to play music from lullabies to polkas, as well as counting. Horace Hopper’s Musical Adventures is a great way to introduce music to preschoolers. They meet Horace Hopper, and with his direction they make music and sound effects. The graphics provide instructions for the parents and examples of hand positions. Children develop ear training by matching thunder bells, chimes, and so on. They learn rhythm and counting by laying the notes on a beat with one hand at a time, while counting with two fingers on a hand, mastering different rhythms with each hand. There are broad educational activities, like learning the different instruments that are playing the music, making puppets and letting them play the keyboard, and matching chimes with a clock. There are parental tips for helping children, and many outreach activities like making pictures.

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