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Toobers & Zots Stick On

  • Creative Product
  • Toy

Price: $9.00

Ages: 6 - 12

Phone: 888-442-6376

Tubers and Zots are a great product and now they are available with a new twist, a reusable stick-on base that you can use to put your designs on in all unexpected places. It has a place to hold pens and tuber clips to hold papers and photos. This is a great product for a child’s room or as a gift. It is creative and fun, and provides year-round enjoyment. Tubers and Zots are adaptable for kids and encourage their creativity. The stick-on Zots are well designed and will be fun for your children to place around their computers or in their rooms. There is also a new infant line with Wiggly Giggler—bright, durable rattles that shake and stack with a sliding reed that creates sounds. Then there is Orbity Zorbity—interlocking rings that have colored balls through them. They are great for eye/hand coordination and provide multi-sensory feedback.

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