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Lucas Learning

Star Wars® Math: Jabba's Game Galaxy™

  • Educational Skills
  • Software

Price: $29.95

Ages: 6 - 9

Phone: 888-887-7909

This product provides adventure with Star Wars characters and fun-filled math games. In this product, your child will learn math principles, strategy and logic. You earn credits, and once you’ve purchased parts and repaired your ship, you venture into space and rid the galaxy of space junk. There are also games that combine strategy, and the need to practice math skills. This game design supports a variety of difficulty levels and allows children to succeed at each level. There are many intriguing games included. The graphics are wonderful, and as you play the game, you gain confidence and skills. The products in this line provide learning through the environments of space fantasy. These are products that provide education and learning along with exploration and discovery. You can learn more about other Lucas Arts products on their web site.

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