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Instructional Fair Group

Prairie Explorer

  • Educational Skills
  • Software

Price: $29.95

Ages: 8 - 13

Phone: 800-443-2976

A great product that is available is the Prairie Explorer CD-ROM that is educational and that helps children learn more about exploration, history and ideas. There is a great adventure as part of this task to plant grass, to fix the prairie, and to plant flower weeds. There is information about the plants and animals, and much to learn about the cause and effect of life on the plains. It is an interactive science program that provides a detailed panorama of animated wildlife and nature sounds. You travel through grasslands and waterways in all four seasons. There are a hundred animal and plants presented in their natural habitat. There are onscreen tools that help the child learn and become closer to the habitat, including a magnifying lens, telescope, and shovel. You can make scientific connections with food chains, and learn about different animals and their environment. You can classify animals and plants. You meet friends and enemies living in a town, and you can choose plants to restore the tornado-damaged prairie. This gives children a whole new awareness of the effects of development in different typographies. This is a great product, both for school and for home.

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