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Food Pyramid Bingo

  • Board Game

Price: $24.95

Ages: 8 - 12

Phone: 888-712-3144

This is the most up-to-date information on food groups and healthy food choices based on the U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid. The bingo card contains a pyramid structure. It is designed to promote discussion. We feel this product is one that is important for children to use because there are very few activities that help children understand the importance of eating a balanced diet. This product has recognition from professional groups as well as the American Dietetic Association. The founder of the product, Ms. Kathleen Stefancin, holds a Masterís Degree in nutrition. The game has 30 bingo cards, 95 picture squares, a chart, 600 markers and ways to use the game as a teaching tool. This is useful any time of the year and particularly around the holidays when you want to encourage your child to eat in a balanced way. Itís a great product to use when you are cooking and preparing food.

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